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What We Do

OnSite Service

Need someone to come on site and assist? We’d love to help with that.

Hardware Troubleshooting and Support

Need help with hardware? We can also help.

Remote Service

We provide remote service to reduce the overall cost and time when you need it most.

Consulting and Services

We have consultants that can help you build your business, provide specialized support, or just need a third option, we would love to help.

Home Automation and Security

Proving the latest home automation and security service.

Security Cameras

We’ve partnered with some of the leading IP camera companies in Canada. If it’s a smaller job we can provide something that will work. We’d be happy to show you that IP based cameras can be a great option for your home or office.

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What is a UTM?

Unified Threat Management, or UTM is a networking device or software program that helps reduce the complexity of securing a network. This video explains how the security features work.

About Us

We have a small dream to help anyone or any company with technology. We love Tech and how it can improve your work, life, or help to share memories.


Sometimes, technology can also hinder you, both at work and at home. Our desire is to help you build processes around whatever you are doing, and implement technology so they work together seamlessly.

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3 Point Solutions has become a most welcome change… by its ability to consistently deliver innovative, adaptive and most notably honest insight, direction and support to meet our existing as well as growing IT needs.
Captain Rodney

The Salvation Army

Within 24 hours he had chosen one of several solutions, you provided a quote to us and we had placed our order.
Embracing Simplicity Professional Organizing

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Based in Winnipeg,
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